What is a Call Centre ?

Is your company involve in travel and transportation industry? Or restaurants and food services?

Maybe healthcare industries or even financial services? These are among the businesses that will need a call centre facility. A call centre is a place to receive or transmit a large volume of enquiries by telephone, either for product or service inquiry, market research, charitable donations or even for debt collection matter.

In this case, you must know your requirement. Ask yourself, how do you want to run your call centre? There are a few types of call centre:

  • Inbound – operated by the company itself.
  • Outbound – operated by call centre company and the service is extended to customer that needs the facility.

Call centre needs agents or representatives. They will assist the callers from receiving complaints to selling products, taking orders or make reservations, handling enquiries and support issues. The first call centre agents in 1950s were housewives.

Since then, call centres have evolved with the advancements in the telecommunications industry.