UPS - to backup your system

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. A UPS is actually an electrical device that supplies emergency power the minute the input power source fails. Nowadays, UPS protection is vital in the IT industry, telecommunication, healthcare, banking, factories and many more.

So, do you know how UPS works?

This device, “Uninterruptible Power Supply”, will be providing emergency power backup, similar to the function of a backup battery in the condition during the electrical power failure. Or if the electrical power drops to an unacceptable voltage level at once.

UPS comes in many sizes with different capacity. Small UPS systems is able to supply electrical power for a few minutes. Sufficient enough to supply power to a computer in an orderly manner. A bigger UPS system can supply electrical power for several hours.

Normally, UPS system will be used by big organisations to support critical systems from facing system failure or malfunction. This investment (UPS system) works like an invisible bridge between power failure and a backup generator or before the electrical power is up.