To vary or not to vary

Do you ever wonder why cctv is required in offices or houses? It is not simply to eyeing on people’s activity, it is merely for security and surveillance purposes. You can monitor your baby when you are not around and you can watch your premises against intruders. And do you ever wonder why would anyone need a varifocal lens cctv camera?

Varifocal lens is special, it can zoom out and zoom in. Thus, you can fine-tune or adjust the lens so that it would capture a wider area or zoom to focus on specific area or subject. This type of lens will enable you to focus on objects that are close or far.

Normally, people will use or install this type of camera (with varifocal lens) at guardhouse. Because the security guard can zoom in to the visitor. Bank managers will also install this type of camera at counters, to monitor the customer and the transaction.

You can ask your contractor, if the varifocal lens can zoom manually or not. If yes, you can always adjust the view to enable it to capture a wider area, and at the same time you can see the image in detail. Some varifocal lens camera has the ability to automatically change the focus. Means, it can react to movement / motion within its view.