Security Issue

Every one of us wants to live in peace and harmony, no interruption, no danger. Those days, people will rely on guard dogs, reinforce the fences or border and entrance, install bell at their door or even let loose of their goose to scare intruders.

Nowadays, to reinforce security, you have a choice to:

  1. Install door chain and add additional lock(s) to your door.
  2. Drill a small hole and install fish-eye lenses at the main door.
  3. Or, if you want to allow interaction, you can install door-window.

As for the offices, employers can hire security guards or install security alarm system. The world first electro-magnetic alarm system was patented on 21st June 1853. It was the invention of Augustus Russell Pope from Somerville, Boston. Since then, the system has evolved and becoming more sophisticated with the technology.

The basic alarm system was designed to protect against theft. Once anyone break into your office/building, a silent alarm will trigger to warn police or guards without the knowledge of the intruder. This will increase the chance to catch him/her. You also have a choice to choose a combination type by which, it is designed to give protection against force entry and also fire. Normally this system comes with CCTV system (closed-circuit television surveillance). Whatever your choice is, choose wisely. Talk to your local vendors. Safety is the priority.

Remember that peacefulness creates comfortable and warm environment for everyone. Doesn’t matter who you are, at what age, what is your occupation etc.