Perhaps, you need a cordless phone

Perhaps, you need a cordless phone

Even though cellular phone is very popular nowadays, perhaps you still need to use cordless phone. Why?

  • You are able to make and receive calls from anywhere in your house (even at the basement) or at your office – without sacrificing the voice quality. As long as you use your cordless phone within a specified distance from the base.
  • The quality of the voice and sound from cordless phone is better or greater against the popular cellular phones. This is very important especially if you have problems like hearing loss or your surrounding environment is always very noisy.

You may wonder why?

Cordless phone converts electrical signals to a radio signal that will be transmitted to handset. It using Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, on 1.9-GHz frequency band. The benefit is, it minimizes interference with other electrical devices.

For your info, cordless phone was commercially introduced in the market since 1980 by Sony. Nowadays, some cordless phones can support up to 12 handsets from one base.