Music on hold

Majority companies’ will be using music on hold to play recorded music to entertain callers when they are put on hold, to fill the silence. People sometimes refer to it as message on hold, phone on hold, or hold messaging.

Whatever it is, in fact, all businesses are suggested to have music on hold to enhance company’s image. The correct choice of music on hold will present a professional image to your business.

Let’s look back at the history. The founder of music on hold was Alfred Levy. He was an inventor, factory owner and an entrepreneur. Music on hold was accidently founded in 1962 where he discovered a problem with the phone lines in his factory. He then patented his ‘on hold electrical circuit’ in 1966. Hence, the ‘hold button’ was invented.

You may wonder why it is necessary to install music on hold. A survey by CNN found out that callers hearing music on hold will stay on line longer compared to caller hearing only beep or experiencing silence. (Source: Wikipedia)

In actual, besides helping to fill in the silence, to pass the time, music on hold also serves as an important message to the caller. That’s why it is important to choose the correct music to portray your business.