Magnetic lock

Doors need lock, be it the door for your vehicle, your houses, shops, malls and offices. You lock your doors to protect yourself, your family members, your valuables.

Nowadays, magnetic lock is widely used. It is modern and very popular choice in the market. Other main point is that magnetic locks doesn’t have access to traditional locking components thus giving it defence again traditional lock attack.

A magnetic lock consists of a plate and an electromagnet lock whereby the electromagnet lock is attached to the door frame, and the plate is attached at the door. These two components will be in contact when the door is closed. And then, when the lock is powered, electric current will pass through the lock, the electromagnet becomes magnetized, thus creating a locking action. The force created is sufficient to keep the door locked for your safety.

The magnetic lock does not interact with any door knobs on a door, therefore a separate release button to open the lock is mounted near the door. Usually, the button has a timer and user can set the timer according to their needs and must follow the fire codes from local authority.