I Need To Add More Extensions

Through thick and thin, you are now a success entrepreneur. Congratulations! Your business is expanding, therefore you have to hire more workers. In this respect, you have to add more extension to your PABX system.

To recap, the term PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) is often used as a synonym for “telephone system”. PABX are switchboards which connect several units of telephone with public line provider.

Okay, regarding to add more extensions, you have to finalize the number of extensions to be added.

And then, contact your PABX contractor to check if your existing system can cater for the need? Your PABX contractor can throw some simple question or arrange a brief survey at the PABX system. In order to add more telephone extension, PABX contractor has to check whether the slot is enough? Is it have to add extension card? Add expansion PABX cabinet or perhaps, upgrade the system.

Do not worry on what or how, PABX specialist will have the answer.