You might need a headset if you use telephone most of the times at work. In case you have to move here and there and speak at the same time, a headset helps to hold the microphone to stay at the same position, thus your voice will stay consistent during the conversation. In fact, daily use of headset helps to reduce back pain caused by cradling the phone on the shoulder.

So, pause for a while and check if you need to use a headset? Do consider that a headset will also help to make you feel more active and fresh at work, improve your posture and increases work productivity.

Other points on using a headset:

  1. Some headset comes with noise-cancelling technology that can filter up to 75% of the background noise, so that the other party won’t feel disturbed.
  2. Binaural headset reduce background noise thus allowing you to concentrate on your tele-conversation.
  3. Allows you to use the computer, taking notes, handling documents such as photostating, faxing, etc while still on the phone.
  4. Recommended by doctors, physiotherapists because over time, holding a handset to one ear will cause neck pain and back discomfort.