Do It Yourself ?

There are some DIY projects you can do for your office. I can list down a few:-

Re-purpose magazine holders, drawer dividers, hanging cute storage, hanging racks, mail sorter, desk organizer or a charming hand phone stand made from reclaim wood.

Those are the things that you can do on your own, “Do it yourself”. The list can go on and on, just let your creative juice flow freely.However, there are things or projects that you cannot or should not involve in it. DO NOT “do it yourself”. I can give a very good example: office telephone/telecommunication system wiring.

The wires involve is vary, ‘A’ wire is for ‘A’ capacity which can carry ‘A’ responsibility. And then, ‘B’ wire is for ‘B’ capacity which can carry ‘B’ responsibility. You must know and well verse of the wires involve and do not simply mix and match according to the pricing.

Yes you can do those projects on your own provided that you already learned by heart, and passed the test in the related subject. Otherwise, please talk to your telecommunication system contractor.