Do I need a PABX system?

Can you imagine an office with 80 staff, 800 staff or 8 staff?
(Figure 8 is just a sample)

And can you imagine an office with 80 staff, 800 staff or 8 staff with no telephone unit on the individual desk or workstation?

Though we are young, healthy and energetic, or matured and knowledgeable; we cannot run or walk around just to have a short five sentences discussion with our colleague(s) on the upper floor, at the ground floor or at the next cubical. We would want to call them instead of yelling their name. This is why we need a PABX system.

PABX means Private Automatic Branch Exchange. PABX is supplied by private organization, and will be installed by PABX vendor. The PABX system will be connected to the line provided by telecommunication line provider.

PABX uses communication channels such as IP, ISDN or analogue. In this matter, you have to know your line provider in order to install a PABX system at your office.

PABX relies on computer technology to handle the incoming and outgoing calls with external parties and within the company itself. Thus, the programming can be handled only by the expert in this field.

Once you have made your decision, please talk to your PABX vendor. Feel free to contact us 


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