Conference Call Technology

It is normal to have a conference meeting in office between a few staff from various departments. Some meetings will last for at least two hours or a few days. Some will be very brief, around half an hour. It is all depending on the issue. Once the decision has been made, every member in the meeting will continue with their own work and proceed with the agenda concluded in the meeting.

It is very easy to manage if everyone is in the same office/building. But how to arrange a meeting if some executives are miles away? Maybe manager A is in Kuala Lumpur, but manager B is in Ipoh and manager C is in Jasin?

This means, you need to arrange a conference call. A conference call needs a conference phone. Doesn’t matter if you are far from each other, a conference phone can bring people together, fast and efficient.

Conference call is a platform for people that are apart from each other to be connected, in a meeting (conference). With the use of a conference phone, the managers in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Jasin can have a discussion, at the same time. Be it the people involve is in Malaysia or overseas, it is manageable with the conference call technology.

In 1964, ‘Picturephone’ from American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) was publicly exhibited in the New York World’s Fair. The price was very expensive and the device was bulky. Conversely nowadays, you have many choices of conference phones. You can choose from audio technology conference phone, wireless audio technology conference phone, video conference phone and many more.