Camera Installation Do’s And Don’ts

You want to install CCTV system in your office, and you know what you need. Basically, you have to know few things.


  • Choose correct type of camera, either bullet or dome. Different type of camera is suitable for different location and needs.
  • Install the camera at the right place, so you can watch the important view/angle. Choose the ideal spot according to your needs.
  • Ensure it is vandal proof, weather proof, thief proof, etc.


  • Don’t install the camera at a wrong place, easily reach by thief or kids, or intruders. To avoid unwanted act such as disabling the camera or stealing it.
  • Don’t leave the camera wire exposed. Many things can happen such as wear and tear or people may cut it easily.
  • Importantly, engage a contractor to install the CCTV system for you. Let the professional do it.


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