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CCTV and You

Some CCTV systems may be required to operate continuously or as and when required for certain

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Introducing Sanitizing and Disinfection Services

We can can disinfect small to large areas in a short period of time with minimal downtime

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Divert your call

You can divert your calls to your hand phone and you can work from home. This facility allows you

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Voicemail is a feature that can store messages from telephone callers.

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Hard disk for CCTV

The hard disk drive (HDD) or a security camera hard drive is important to record video footage

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Telephone headsets – Mono

Your job may require you to use headset especially if you are a call centre workers.

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Moving the PABX System

Moving office is a very common practise. It is the same as moving from one house to another.

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Time Attendance System

The modern time attendance system do more than that. It will record the time arrival

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Three Top Reasons To Install Dome Camera

Three Reasons To Install Dome Camera

Dome camera is commonly used for security and surveillance, indoor and outdoor. It is named after

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