Backup Battery

You have had your PABX system in place. You are happy and your employees can do their work steadily. But! Unexpected recent power failure cost your organisation in losing some potential customers. This can be avoided if you take extra precaution. In this matter, you are seriously advised to install backup battery for the PABX system.

What is a backup battery?

A backup battery provides power to the specified location/equipment (system) when the primary source of power is unavailable. Its duty is to keep the PABX system running even during a power failure. It is also useful to protect the PABX system against lightning strikes, power surge from motors or equipment being turn on and off, frequency instability and high frequency disruption, etc.

The installation of a backup battery for PABX system can save data, the system itself and most importantly, no disruption in the telecommunication process be it to entertain customers or potential customers, teleconference with a few parties or tele-conversation among employees.

How to choose your backup battery?

You are suggested to buy a battery with the greatest capacity that using proper ampere hour battery as per the maximum load. Other points to consider are the size, cable and terminal type.

Finally, remember this, prepare your organisation for the unexpected.

Ask your vendor on the most suitable backup battery for your PABX system.