Are you considering buying a walkie talkie?

Walkie talkie is half-duplex communication gadget, portable radios, handheld. Communication is done wirelessly using radio waves on a shared frequency band. Walkie talkie allows you and the other party to talk and listen but only one person can talk at a time.

Who likes to watch combat movies will surely see that walkie talkies are commonly used by the military. That is common since the walkie talkie was invented during the Second World War.

After the war, walkie talkies are widely used by the public especially among the personnel in safety and security units, emergency units or disaster control units. By which, in any emergency cases, walkie talkie is very useful to provide instant communication and allows people to ask for immediate help.

Normally on flat ground and depending on the configuration, capability, make – normally a walkie talkie allows communication with no obstruction from 1 kilometer up to 5 kilometers or up to 8 kilometers. However don’t be surprised because there are walkie talkie that allows communication up to 50 kilometers, provided that there are no obstacles blocking the radio wave.

Do you aware that cinema’s personnel nowadays also using walkie talkie to check the availability of the theatre halls?